222 pounds in 2010

222 pounds in 2010

In 2010 I was my heaviest weight at 222 pounds. My health was at it's worst with terrible eating habits and terrible sleeping habits. My oldest set of twins were 4 years old and I remember being afraid of what would happen if I didn't make a major change. I started by researching. I spent hours each day looking up diets, exercises etc. After a few months of trying diets, failing, stopping and trying again and again, I finally realized I was fooling myself. I didn't need a diet, I needed a lifestyle change.


I started by cutting out fast food for 30 days. I went back to eating fast food and I hated the way I felt. I felt so much better in those 30 days so I didn't go back. I did the same with pop, energy drinks and all other sugary junk I was putting into my body. In January of 2012 I became a vegetarian and the combination of that and removing fast food and sugary drinks from my diet, is what made a major change in my life. I now have the energy that I want and need, I'm more focused and my weight stays consistent between the high 170's and low 180's.

I share this with you to let you know that YOU GOT THIS!

You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Be honest with yourself - Make a change because YOU want to. Never do it for anyone else
  2. Research - Don't follow trends or just go on a "diet". Study, learn & see what works best for YOU
  3. Set goals - Write them down, study them. You have to know what your plan is to ease your mind and prepare yourself for the journey
  4. Follow through and do the work! - Be strong. I started, failed and bounced back a few times before I finally made it happen!

Peace, blessings & good health to you all