Interview on La Verdad podcast

With the La Verdad team

With the La Verdad team

Peace world, I did an interview recently with the good people at La Verdad. We discussed overcoming obstacles, my art and the doors it has opened for me plus more.

Take a listen below!   

Money Mantra episode 1

Peace world, I'm excited to announce that you can now download episode 1 of my podcast Money Mantra !

This is the intro episode where I walk you through the interview process and my reason for creating the podcast. The focus of the podcast is money and mental health. I hope you all enjoy it and gain some inspiration or insight on issues you may be facing.

There will be new episodes every Monday so please subscribe on iTunes or wherever else you download podcast. It will be available on all podcast networks soon.

You can download it here on iTunes:…/podcast/money-mantra/id1239641680

"Fear is the tool of a man-made devil"

I recently started reading Napoleon Hill's work. 

I started with a few pages from Think and Grow Rich and I instantly saw the greatness in not only his writing style but in the depth of the message he was on a mission to spread. 

This quote here is from his book titled "Outwitting the Devil" - The secret to freedom and success. I've been a victim of my own mind and the fears it created many times in my life. 

Books are very special to me and I feel that they find you and you find them when they best fit into your needs. I appreciate coming across Napoleon Hill's work and particularly this quote right here. Now is the time to live the life we have worked for, have aways wanted and we deserve. No one man or woman, shallow idea or words can control who we are and the life we live. Get yours!

Money Mantra

Peace my people, I'm excited to announce that I will be hosting a new podcast titled Money Mantra that will be launching soon. We will be discussing money, mantras, mindsets & mindfulness.

Being born and raised in Chicago to immigrant parents, money has always been an issue. I never had an abundance of it and I was never taught how to save or invest. Stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues have also affected my family, friends and myself. I created this podcast in hopes of helping shed some light on issues that many of us face and to give some information on how to handle these issues. I want to share great stories about success and overcoming adversity and ultimately, I want to educate, empower and bridge a gap between people. 

I am currently compiling interviews and planning the launch. 
Please stay in tune with the page here on Facebook for updates on the launch and resources that can shed some light. Thank you

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Learning to slow down

Everything moves fast. We move fast. 
Time moves fast. Life moves fast. 
I'm trying to slow down and appreciate all the greatness in my life and spread the feeling to as many people as possible. These little ladies here are two of my greatest blessings and they are very energetic and always excited about life. I'm trying to teach them as I teach myself that we all have to slow down sometimes in order to truly understand our blessings. 
Peace and progression to all of my people


vis_island-9948 (3).jpg

Hip Hop has always been in my life and has been a huge blessing.
5 years ago in September I was given the opportunity to create a platform for artist to showcase their talent and it has grown into something greater since then. I have been able to help artist from Chicago and beyond grow their network, educate themselves about the business and above all help them gain a sense of power and control over their own careers.

I started #HelloHipHop because I felt not enough of us took the time to communicate who we are, educate each other and evolve the culture.

We are not for the elitist who think their definition is the only one. 
We are not for the ones who refuse to be students of the culture. 
We don't judge. We don't put labels on anyone. 
We represent the kids from the hood that started this because they wanted an alternative. We represent the outcast that don't fit into any system. We represent the rebels. #HelloHipHop !

222 pounds

222 pounds in 2010

222 pounds in 2010

In 2010 I was my heaviest weight at 222 pounds. My health was at it's worst with terrible eating habits and terrible sleeping habits. My oldest set of twins were 4 years old and I remember being afraid of what would happen if I didn't make a major change. I started by researching. I spent hours each day looking up diets, exercises etc. After a few months of trying diets, failing, stopping and trying again and again, I finally realized I was fooling myself. I didn't need a diet, I needed a lifestyle change.


I started by cutting out fast food for 30 days. I went back to eating fast food and I hated the way I felt. I felt so much better in those 30 days so I didn't go back. I did the same with pop, energy drinks and all other sugary junk I was putting into my body. In January of 2012 I became a vegetarian and the combination of that and removing fast food and sugary drinks from my diet, is what made a major change in my life. I now have the energy that I want and need, I'm more focused and my weight stays consistent between the high 170's and low 180's.

I share this with you to let you know that YOU GOT THIS!

You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Be honest with yourself - Make a change because YOU want to. Never do it for anyone else
  2. Research - Don't follow trends or just go on a "diet". Study, learn & see what works best for YOU
  3. Set goals - Write them down, study them. You have to know what your plan is to ease your mind and prepare yourself for the journey
  4. Follow through and do the work! - Be strong. I started, failed and bounced back a few times before I finally made it happen!

Peace, blessings & good health to you all