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Hip Hop has always been in my life and has been a huge blessing.
5 years ago in September I was given the opportunity to create a platform for artist to showcase their talent and it has grown into something greater since then. I have been able to help artist from Chicago and beyond grow their network, educate themselves about the business and above all help them gain a sense of power and control over their own careers.

I started #HelloHipHop because I felt not enough of us took the time to communicate who we are, educate each other and evolve the culture.

We are not for the elitist who think their definition is the only one. 
We are not for the ones who refuse to be students of the culture. 
We don't judge. We don't put labels on anyone. 
We represent the kids from the hood that started this because they wanted an alternative. We represent the outcast that don't fit into any system. We represent the rebels. #HelloHipHop !